Saturday, 21 April 2012

Bsnl free live ipl streaming

Here are two links whch works with bsnl stream. rtsp:// rtsp://

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Facebook chat box trick am giving u an another amazing trick to put ur own pics in facebook chat box. 1. First You Need To Login In Your Facebook Account . 2. Now You Just Open This Website 3. Now u Choose Any file Frm ur PC . 4. In Next Step Click on Upload Button . 5. After Few Seconds you will get picture code When u will click on Show Codes .then just copy it 6.And Now Paste This Code in ur Fb Friend Chat Box . That's It Now You Are Done Enjoy dis Cool Trick Of Facebook.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Free Avast license key for 30 years !

I would like to share this Avast Free License
Key as gift to all my esteemed
The key is -
How to Use this license key
Please this key should only be used for non-
commercial only. Use the license at your
own risk because there is no guarantee that
Avast would not block the license in the
future. Perhaps it will greatly help those who
do not have internet service on their pc.
Download Avast Free Antivirus 6.0
(download from cnet server)
After download is successful. Install Avast
Free Edition when installation is complete
launch it and go to registration under the
maintenance tab.
Click on Insert License Key. Copy the key and
paste in the fill provided. And click on
This key will is active until 2038. It will
activate the software for more than 30
years. And apparently the license key can
also be used for any other Version of Avast.

India Web Proxy P.C setup settings

Click on Settings
Leave every other things like
it is and change only the ones
i mentioned.
- web server proxy: remove and put
-web server port: 80 or 8080
-Organization ip:
-Organization Port:
-usename wap
-password wap
save and start it just wait
some minutes
then open your mozila >> tools >> option
>> advance >> network >> settigs >> thick
manual configurati0n....clean away every
thing there then
http proxy put
ssl: port 6051
thats it!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

airtel free gprs on pc and mobile free on 2G and 3G

Airtel free internet surfing with resume
default browser and internet
browser, speed is super fast than any other
its capable to hold cache so its
cache capable proxie with mind blowing
speed FOR PC and mobile:
just connecct mobile with pc via pc suite.
put apn now open any
browser (i recommend mozilla firefox or
for resume downloading)
and put this address
surfing site NAME without http.
After '/' put your site name with out http'
for example:
there are many appspot proxies working
with our dis ip use any of the below: url without http
ur url without http
ur url without http
ur url without http
ur url without http
when u wil go to download page or tab just
click the left button and copy the download
link and paste it into below site
(but remember romove the
from download link )
and paste the rest orignal url in the search
box of the below site:
(plz open it in new tab)
so its nothing but to surf via google appspot
proxy engine and resume downloading
via .de german proxy domain if u hv internet
downd manager then it gives high speed
wid resume support.
Working free with 2G and 3G

flash samsung galaxy tab firmware for enabling phone calls

"step by step" tutorial on how to flash
your Samsung Galaxy Tab Firmware to the
European version ( unbranded firmware )
and therefore enabling the phone calls
option ( and 3G data 850/1900Mhz
WCDMA ) Tested and working.
What do you need?
Download the following package:from here
What's in it?
*.Odin3 v1.31
A . After downloaded the package
extracted with 7zip download 7zip from here Install and then reboot :
Kies_2.0.0.11011_16_5.exe (this will install
properly drivers x86 or 64 depending on
your OS configuration, needed for your Tab
and Odin to communicate correctly ).
B . Extract Odin3_v1.31_PITupdate and put
the all the files contained in P1000XWJJ4
into Odin3 v1.31 source folder.
C . Set you Samsung Tab into "Download
mode" ( Hold volume down and power
button until the device boot up. You'll see a
yellow android sign and some warning text
like :do not turn off target) and connect it to
your PC with the USB cable.
D . Start Odin3 v1.31.exe and make sure that
the com post is yellow highlighted and
check off Re-partition .
E . Load the following files
F . Hit Start and then relax, hopefully it is
going to be ok and in about 2. min and
50you'll get a green highlight and pass
stamp in the same Odin screen which will
also reboot the Tab. It will be In Russian, but
not to worry. keep reading below.
G . Turn offf the tab and set it to download
mode again. Transfer over the Odin folder
the P1000XXJK5.tar file re-start Odin,
Connect the phone.
H . Leave the "Re-partition" unticked and
load into "PDA" the tar file. Hit "Start" and
wait again about 2min and 50 sec, you'll get
the same green pass and the tab will reboot.
I. This is the final step. now you are going to
flash the tab with the right Modem files.
Again like Put the Tab into download mode
unpack the into Odin
folder then start Odin up and select "phone".
Load the modem.bin up and hit Start. Wait
for the Green pass and you are DONE!!!